100% Pure Pure Arrow
Pure Pure Arrow 04
Kanji 100% ピュアピュアアロー
Rōmaji Hyaku-Pāsento Pyua Pyua Arō
Type Lovely
Performer(s) Naru Ayase
Bell Renjōji

100% Pure Pure Arrow (100% ピュアピュアアロー, Hyaku-Pāsento Pyua Pyua Arō) is a Prism Jump in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. It is the first Prism Jump performed by Naru Ayase and was first used in Episode 5.


The performer holds a light pink, glowing bow and arrow, then the arrow absorbs pink, transparent hearts. The performer shoots the arrow when it is fully charged and the it leaves a trail of heart shaped, pink and gold flower petals. To finish it off, the performer poses with a light pink, decorated heart behind her surrounded with flowers and hearts whilst holding the bow.


100% Pure Pure Arrow DuoEdit

100% Pure Pure Arrow can also be performed as a duo jump. In Episode 34, Naru performs this jump with Rinne and soon with Bell in Episode 42, however, the jump is not renamed.



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