Absolute Idol☆Love No Good
Absolute Idoling
Kanji 絶対アイドル☆愛・N・G
Rōmaji Zettai Aidoru☆Ai-N-G
Type Star
Performer(s) Hiro Hayami

Absolute Idol☆Love No Good (絶対アイドル☆愛・N・G, Zettai Aidoru☆Ai-N-G) is a Prism Jump in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. It is the third Prism Jump performed by Hiro Hayami and was first shown in Episode 18.


Absolute Idol☆Love No Good is Hiro's third jump which he performed after stealing Kōji's song. After confessing that he didn't write the song, Hiro abandoned this jump as it represents that love isn't good for his status as an idol.


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