Aurora Rising
Aurora Rising
Kanji オーロラライジング
Rōmaji Ōrora Raijingu
Type Solo
Performer(s) June Amou

Aurora Rising (オーロラライジング, Ōrora Raijingu) is a Prism Jump in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. It is June Amou's third Prism Jump, which debuted in Episode 32.

It is still considered a legendary jump in this series as very few people have ever mastered it, having carried over from its predecessor series Aurora Dream and Dear My Future.


The jump starts off as the surrounding area turns into a night sky and Juné rises up as a circle of shining light in colors of blue, white and pink gather around her. She then pushes herself back and releases that light which quickly brightens up the whole night sky in the form of a sparkling aurora.


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