Bell Rose
Bell Rose
Kanji ベルローズ
Rōmaji Beru Rōzu
Professional Status
Affiliation Edel Rose
Prism Stone (Temporarily)
Members Bell Renjōji (Leader)
Otoha Takanashi
Wakana Morizono
Song(s) Rosette Nebula
Debut Episode 25
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Bell Rose (ベルローズ, Beru Rōzu) is a unit in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live consisting of the top three students of Edel Rose: Bell Renjōji, Otoha Takanashi and Wakana Morizono. The three have previously teamed up in many competitions by the name Edel Rose Team S until the Try! Groovin' Session trio tournament where they debut as an official unit.


The team was formed while the members were young as they struggled to survive in Edel Rose together. They participated and won all the tournaments under the name Edel Rose Team S and became the most skilled team that other teams were too afraid to go up against them. When the Try! Groovin' Session was announced, Otoha and Wakana learned the Prism Live which became legible for scoring; however Bell failed to perform one after attempting and falling down countless times. After humiliating herself, she was forced to quit Prism Shows. Otoha and Wakana were able to convince her to dance with them in the tournament and they debuted as a unit, Bell Rose, as Bell succeeded in the Prism Live and a four jump chain. Although they lost to Happy Rain♪ who debuted after them, they still remained as one of the most skilled teams around.

Prism JumpsEdit

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