Bell Rose Silky Yellow Bare Top
Bell Rose Silky Yellow Bare Top.gif
Kanji ベルローズシルキーイエローベアトップ
Rōmaji Beru Rōzu Shirukī Ierō Bea Toppu
Number S02-08
Category Tops
Type Star
Rarity Rare
First Appearance
Session Session 02
Anime Episode 11

Bell Rose Silky Yellow Bare Top is a star-type top worn by Otoha Takanashi in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. A golden-yellow and black glittering top with a sheer section between the collar and chest, with two black tiny buttons going down the center. On the chest are two black spots with two black curled lines surrounding them. At the collar is a golden butterfly. Comes with a single yellow and black striped ribbon that ties on each wrist with red flowers in the center.

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