Chisato Ibara
Kanji 荊 千里
Rōmaji Ibara Chisato
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Yellow
Affiliation Prism Stone
Occupation Shop Owner
Partner DJ.Coo
Anime Debut Episode 01
Japanese Chie Kōjiro
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Chisato Ibara (荊 千里, Ibara Chisato) is the owner of Prism Stone. She is in fact an android created by DJ.Coo in order to interact with society. Her real identity is a penguin named Momo (モモ) and she, like Rinne, is also a messenger from Prism World who arrived in order to spread the prism's sparkle. She is often mistaken as a kappa. In Episode 51, Momo became a legendary designer in the prism world.




Chisato's human appearance is an android with medium-long brown hair and a pink bow, thin yellow eyes, and hot pink lipstick. In terms of height, Chisato is huge matches the height of most of the male characters in the series. She often wears coats and heavy clothing in order not to expose her real appearance.

In her penguin form, Chisato holds the same features as she does in her human form such as her brown hair and pink bow. Her body is pink with a yellow beak. Chisato's penguin appearance is often mistaken as a kappa, especially by Ann.


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