Cool & Feminine Splash
Kanji クールアンドフェミニンスプラッシュ
Rōmaji Kūru Ando Feminin Supurasshu
Type Duo
Performer(s) Ito Suzuno & Otoha Takanashi

Cool and Feminine Splash(クールアンドフェミニンスプラッシュ Kūru Ando Feminin Supurasshu) is a Prism Jump performed by Ito Suzuno and Otoha Takanashi. It is a combination of Cool Splash and Feminine Splash.


The performers do a simple jump in the air and a sparkling large purple diamond surrounded with smaller diamonds of different sizes and a large yellow flower complimented by smaller flowers of the same kind in different sizes appear until the performers land.

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