Dragon Dining
Kanji ドラゴンダイニング
Rōmaji Doragon Dainingu
Location Statistics
Controlled By Ushiko Suzuki
Toriko Takahashi
Mana Satō
Anime Debut Episode 45

DRAGON DINING is a restaurant in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. The members of the Prism Show team Beef or Chicken or Fish and Chips work there. The members are all nicknamed after a food: Ushiko Suzuki (Beef), Toriko Takahashi (Chicken), Mana Satō (Fish) and Hana (Chips). After the events of the Over The Rainbow Session, four Pair Friends appeared in front of the members and became their partners. Their Pair Friends also gave them the ability to perform a new unique Prism Show technique: Prism Cooking.

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