Dancing Queen One Piece
Dancing Queen One Piece
Kanji ダンシングクイーン ワンピ
Rōmaji Danshingu Kuīn Wan Pi
Number S05-S05
Category Tops
Type Surprise
First Appearance
Session Session 05
Anime Episode 50

Dancing Queen One Piece (ダンシングクイーン ワンピ, Danshingu Kuīn Wan Pi) is a dress worn by Naru Ayase when she participated in the Over The Rainbow Session and saved the Prism's sparkle. Since then, it was considered a legendary design and is currently being worn by Rinne as she travels through worlds. It was designed by Momo. A two piece costume consisting of a yellow top with black accenting and miniature jacket that is lined with colorful spots. Going across the chest is a gold chain of stars. While the skirt is yellow, black, white, and blue themed with a black leather belt that has a star clipped to the side. Comes with black fingerless gloves with sequined wrist cuffs.

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