Departure! Lunar Rainbow Heaven!!
Luna rainbow heaven 20
Kanji 旅立ちのルナレインボーヘブン
Rōmaji Tabidachi No Luna Rainbow Heaven
Type All
Performer(s) Rinne
Departure! Lunar Rainbow Heaven! (旅立ちのルナレインボーヘブンTabidachi No Luna Rainbow Heaven) is a Prism Jump in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. It is a special Prism Jump first performed by Rinne in Episode 50 .

Description Edit

The moon shines, then four rainbows surrounded the moon into a circle. The moon let out a rainbow path which stretch onto the ground surface. Rinne's arms spreads out as the performer slides onto the rainbow path towards the moon. Once Rinne went through a silver ring, she bows down and rises up as she opens the door to the Prism World.


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