Do-Re-Mi-Fa Slider
Kanji ドレミファスライダー
Rōmaji Dō Rē Mī Fā Suraidā
Type Cool
Performer(s) Ito Suzuno

Do-Re-Mi-Fa Slider (ドレミファスライダー, Dō Rē Mī Fā Suraidā) is a Prism Jump in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. It is the third jump performed by Ito Suzuno in the Over The Rainbow Session in episode 47.


A continuous keyboard line appears in front of a purple background decorated with Prism Stones and music notes. The performer slides across piano keys, which make sounds as she skates upon them. ed and music notes appearing from her feet. From a close-up view, the performer winks and poses, and a music note appears next to her.


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