Dot Tights & Girly Shoes
Kanji ドットタイツ&ガーリーシューズ
Rōmaji Dotto Taitsu & Gārī Shūzu
Number S03-26
Category Shoes
Type Lovely
Rarity Normal
First Appearance
Session Session 03
Anime Episode 27

Dot Tights & Girly Shoes (ドットタイツ&ガーリーシューズ, Dotto Taitsu & Gārī Shūzu) are shoes worn by Naru Ayase as part of her autumn casual. Powder blue shoes with two thin straps that go over the foot, worn with sheer tights decorated with small black spots. Naru wore the Dot Tights& Girly Shoes in the fall of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live

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