Dream Prism Phoenix
Mugen Prism Phoenix
Kanji 夢幻プリズムフェニックス!
Rōmaji Mugen Purizumu Fenikkusu!
Type Sexy
Performer(s) Bell Renjōji

Dream Prism Phoenix (夢幻プリズムフェニックス!, Mugen Purizumu Fenikkusu!) is a Prism Jump in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. It is Bell Renjōji's fourth Prism Jump which she finally succeeded during her first successful Prism Live. Shown in Episode 26, Episode 29, Episode 32 and Episode 48.


When Bell performs this jump, she starts off trapped inside a block of ice and rainbow feathers float down on her from above. As she looks up, the ice releases gold light and breaks into small pieces of ice blocks. Bell, released from the ice, soars into the night sky and a large phoenix appears. Six clones of Bell wearing different-typed outfits appear. With the phoenix, Bell and the clones fly across the Earth while leaving a trail of rainbow feathers.


Dream Prism Phoenix DuoEdit

Dream Prism Phoenix can also be performed as a duo as first seen in by Naru and Bell when they performed at the Winter White Session. The only difference in the jump is that the performer doesn't clone themselves, however, the jump is not renamed.


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