Leave it to Ann! Poppin Sweets
Naru Baking Cake
Kanji あんにお任せ!ポップンスイーツ
Rōmaji An ni Omakase! POPPUN SUIITSU
Episode 2
Air Date April 13, 2013
Ending Song RainBow X RainBow
Featured Song BOY MEETS GIRL
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I'm Naru! I'll Become a Shop Manager!
Cross is Ito? COOL & HOT
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Leave it to Ann! Poppin Sweets (あんにお任せ!ポップンスイーツ, An ni Omakase! POPPUN SUIITSU) is the second episode of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.


Ann Fukuhara and her father Sentarō Fukuhara start a fight when Ann claims she will make sweets instead of senbei for work experience. On the other hand, Naru talks to Ito and is immediately yelled at once again when touching a hanker chief and Prism Stone that she dropped. On Naru's first day at Prism Stone, she is asked to make prototypes for sweets and visits a sweets buffet for ideas. Ann also leaves working at her family's senbei shop to visit the sweets buffet. As Naru picked her cakes, Ann stops her to show her the correct order to eat them and they converse. After Ann reveals she could bake sweets, she immediately leaves and gives Naru with a pouch of cookies. On her way, a 'blue bird of happiness' falls in front of Ann and she brings it home. Learning it was a hungry bird named Poppun, she bakes it a batch of cookies. Her father returns home starting a fight with Ann and scares Poppun out the window. Frustrated, Ann runs away and follows the bird to Prism Stone where she meets Naru having trouble making sweets. After showing her how to bake a cake, Naru offers her to work at Prism Stone. Getting acceptance from the owner, all she has to do is perform a Prism Show. As she performed a Prism Live with the help of Poppun, Ann is immediately selected to handle Prism Stone's Sweets Corner and the mysterious girl who performed a four jump chain, Rinne, returns. Ann is given a Smart Pod Touch which allows her to keep Poppun at her house and Naru takes a photo of her new Sweets Manager.

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