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Cross is Ito? COOL & HOT
Naru Ann Ito School.jpg
Kanji クロスがいと?COOL & HOT
Rōmaji KUROSU ga Ito? COOL & HOT
Episode 3
Air Date April 20, 2013
Ending Song RainBow X RainBow
Featured Song BOY MEETS GIRL
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Welcome to Prism Stone Easter!
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Cross is Ito? COOL & HOT (クロスがいと?COOL & HOT, KUROSU ga Ito? COOL & HOT) is the third episode of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.


After practicing for Prism Shows, Naru and Ann witness Ito as she walks in their classroom late and immediately leaves out of anger after being called "Ito-san". She goes on the school's roof to lay down. After returning home from school, Ito puts on makeup and prepares to perform a live concert. Upon performing, she breaks her guitar pick and uses a Prism Stone as an alternative. After playing, her father told Ito that she played well, much to her embarrassment. When she walks outside of the building, Ito meets Kōji Mihama who apologizes after running past her. Then Naru comes along to greet her, but Ito ignores Naru in return. She then visits a music shop and begs the owner to sell Gen Suzuno's guitar to her. When walking out of the shop, a purple penguin hatches and clings to Ito. When she flicks it off and walks away, but gives in to it's tears and allows it to follow her. The next morning, Ito is asked by Naru to become a Makeup Manager of Prism Stone as she had saw her with wearing makeup the night before. At first Ito refuses, but after learning she would get paid, Ito accepted and performed a Prism Show to get selected. Just like Naru and Ann, Ito also managed to perform the Prism Live. After naming the purple creature Coolun, Ito confirms that she has no intention of being friends with Ann and Ito.