Welcome to Prism Stone Easter!
Naru Ito Prism Stone
Kanji プリズムストーン・イースターにようこそ!
Episode 4
Air Date April 27, 2013
Ending Song RainBow X RainBow
Featured Song BOY MEETS GIRL
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My Song is Filled With Dreams ♡ Of Various Colors
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Welcome to Prism Stone Easter! (プリズムストーン・イースターにようこそ!, PURIZUMU SUTOON IISUTAA ni Youkoso!) is the fourth episode of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.


Prism Stone is finally open, however, Ito greets their first customers poorly and they are only visited by very few times. After the big announcement of Dear Crown's Easter event, Naru and Ann go to Dear Crown, and they meet Bell Renjōji, Otoha Takanashi and Wakana Morizono. After insulting Naru's store, Ann out of anger tells Wakana that they will put on an Easter event that will beat Dear Crown. While taking a break, she makes Rinne warm milk and teaches her the meaning of Easter and 'happiness'. After DJ.Coo tells them it's out of their budget for Ann to make her new sweets, he advises that they create a Prism Stone Easter for Prism Stone. That night, Naru sees Rinne in the park looking at the rabbits on the moon and immediately disappears leaving her mother's rabbit origami. Naru then gets the idea to make rabbit origami as their invitation and Ann tells her she will be making simple cookies using Easter motifs as designs. After showing her costume design to Meganee Akai, Ito refuses to wear them as it was too 'cute'. When they give out invitations, Bell and the rest accepts and participates as the audience. As Ito was performing the main show, she performs a live concert which leaves Naru no choice but to perform a Prism Show. Rinne interferes once again and performs a four jump chain. Congratulating the success of their Easter event, Ito decides to wear the bunny eared maid costume and they all take a photo to commemorate.

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