Like Me, Like A Human
Kanji 私らしく, 人間らしく
Rōmaji Watashi Rashiku, Ningen Rashiku
Episode 48
Air Date March 8, 2014
Opening Song Butterfly Effect
Featured Song Blowin' in the Mind, Get music!
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Shining Lucky Star of Love
Until This Life Burns Out…
Episode 48 Screenshots

Like Myself, Like A Human (私らしく, 人間らしく Watashi Rashiku, Ningen Rashiku) is the 48th episode of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.  It aired on March 8th 2014.

Plot Edit

With Ito recieving a huge score in the Over the Rainbow Session, it's now time for Wakana to strut her stuff on the stage, meanwhile, Bell is having her own problems, will both performances blow the mind and get the music of everyone?


As Ito is victorious in the Over the Rainbow Session, it's now time for Wakana to spread her wings and fly on to the stage. Her parents, watching from above. 


Trivia Edit

  • This episode sees the appearance of the songs Get music! and Blowin' in the Mind since it was last heard in episode 23, like with Vanity♥colon two episodes before it and BT37.5 in the last episode.
  • This episode is also 5th episode with two songs in the same episode.
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