Until This Life Burns Out...
Kanji 命燃え尽きるまで...
Rōmaji Inochi Moetsukiru Made...
Episode 49
Air Date March 15, 2014
Opening Song Butterfly Effect
Ending Song Happy Star☆Restaurant
Featured Song Get music!
nth color
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Like Me, Like a Human
The Sparkle is Right Next to You
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Until This Life Burns Out... (命燃え尽きるまで…, Inochi Moetsukiru Made…) is the forty ninth episode of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.


With both Bell and Wakana passing the Over the Rainbow session, it is finally time for June Amou to spread her wings and put on an amazing performance, but, her true partner arrives, will she have the best performance? Or will her nth color past appear before her?


Picking up from where the last episode left off, Bell successfully pulls off 7 jumps, the president of the Prism Show association watches from above. His secretary informs him that the number of prism shows are declining. Up next in the competition is June and a little green penguin (whom is looking for her) rushes off to the scene.

Meanwhile, backstage, everyone congratulates Bell on her successful performance, Bell tells the others that with June, she may endanger the Prism Sparkle.

Naru and Rinne are outside of June's room, Rinne asks her to be careful when she does her Prism Live and she must return to the Prism World, June replies that she must stay because she loves Hijiri.

More of June's past is revealed as she prepares for her final performance and during her final performance, we learn that June only came to Earth because of Hijiri and because she tore off her own wings, the Prism World collapsed and it is the reason why Rinne fell to Earth.

On her 7th jump, she collapses from exhaustion, Hijiri rushes to her side, carrying her off of the stage, her score? 7560 karats, lower than the other competitors.

Hijiri tries to get her to wake up, as he tries, the Prism Sparkle disappears, transforming our girls back into their civilian clothes, it looks like it may be the end of Prism Shows.



  • This is the 2nd episode to have an insert song that picks up from a previous episode, thus, the two insert songs Get music! and Nth color .
  • This also one of the few episodes without a recap from the previous episode.
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