My Song is Filled With Dreams ♡ Of Various Colors
Rinne watching Naru Prism Stone
Kanji 私の歌は色♡トリドリーム
Rōmaji Watashi no Uta wa Iro ♡ TORIDORI DORIIMU
Episode 5
Air Date May 4, 2013
Ending Song RainBow X RainBow
Featured Song Heart ♥ Dreams ♥ Of Various Colors
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A Cool Heart Heats Up With the Beat!
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My Song is Filled With Dreams ♡ Of Various Colors (私aの歌は色♡トリドリーム, Watashi no Uta wa Iro ♡ TORIDORI DORIIMU) is the fifth episode of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.


Now that the store has started to take flight, Chisato tells Naru to perform a show with her original song, also known as a My Song. As Ito and Ann have their songs prepared, Naru starts panicking, for she doesn't have a My Song of her own. When she arrives home, she finds Rinne, who reminds her about the song once again, and her parents advise that she should sing a song she likes. Naru is served a plate of her favorite gratin and becomes re-energized. Thinking hard about a song she'd like, Naru remembers a phrase Rinne mentioned reminding her of the Prism's sparkle she saw when listening to a song. As she heard the song from a rooftop, Naru goes to that exact place and meets the writer. After asking him to give her one, the writer immediately declines and leaves. Ito tells Naru that a writer's song is their life and so she immediately goes to the park where she finds and apologizes to him. The writer tells her that his songs would only make people unhappy. Naru believes wrong and tries to find a way to give across what she had felt. She decides to make a picture book to get her feelings across like her mother did to her readers. After telling her version of 'the ugly duckling' to him, the writer introduces himself as Kōji Mihama and decides to write her a song on the condition that she doesn't tell anyone he wrote it. At the last minute, Naru receives the song from Kōji and is able to perform her first Prism Jump with it, making her My Song debut successful.

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