A Cool Heart Heats Up With the Beat!
Ann Naru Ito checking Smartpod
Kanji クールなハートがビートでヒート!
Episode 6
Air Date May 11, 2013
Ending Song RainBow X RainBow
Featured Song BT37.5
Episode Guide
My Song is Filled With Dreams ♡ Of Various Colors
Sweet Magic on a Stubborn Old Man
Episode 6 Screenshots

A Cool Heart Heats Up With the Beat! (クールなハートがビートでヒート!, KUURU na HAATO ga BIITO de HIITO!) is the sixth episode of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.


Ann records the theft of her sweets by a mysterious pink kappa; but she leaves afterwards with Naru and Ito for a tour stop at an all-boys school, Kakyouin Academy, using the Prism Trailer. After promoting their store and goods to the girls visiting, Naru searches for Rinne, Ann visits a Research Society to find out about the pink kappa, and Ito runs after Coolun who flew off on its own. Naru falls down when trying to pass through Hiro's parade and he helps her up. She then calls out to Kōji who is watching and the crowd makes way for her under Hiro's order. Naru tells him that she was able to perform a Prism Jump thanks to his song which Hiro reacted to by putting his face close towards hers and tells her she's an interesting one. When Kōji refuses to talk to Hiro, he leaves with his crowd and Ito arrives. Naru introduces the two and Ito realizes that he was the same person who ran past her. When Naru let out the fact that Kōji wrote the song, Ito calls it tepid and Kōji responds by saying that it wasn't written for her. The three meet back at the Prism Trailer finding out it could transform into a stage. Ito claims she will be performing instead of Naru to prove her song is more intense. After performing her song, she proceeds with a Prism Live which leaves an impression on Kōji. After the performance, Ito makes him call her Cross, and Kōji tells her that her song was intense; however Ito does not change her opinion about his song being tepid. At that moment, Rinne arrives with a trophy and a red cape signifying her victory at a beauty pageant. On their way back, Ann teases Ito about her getting fired up during the moment she demanded them to perform instead of Naru.

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