Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live (プリティーリズム・レインボーライブ, Puritī Rizumu: Reinbō Raibu) is the third series based on the original Pretty Rhythm (プリティーリズム, Puritī Rizumu) arcade game by Takara Tomy and syn Sophia. It was first broadcasted on April 6, 2013. It follows the story of Naru Ayase who is selected to become the middle school manager of Prism Stone. Joined by Ito Suzuno and Ann Fukuhara, they soon follow the world of Prism Shows.

List of EpisodesEdit

# Title Original Airdate
01 "I'm Naru! I'll Beco~me a Shop Manager!"
"Watashi wa Naru! Tenchou ni Na~ru!" (私はなる!店長にな~る!)
April 6, 2013
Naru finds out that a shop like her favorite store, Dear Crown, is recruiting middle school students. For Naru who loves decorating, she immediately applies without knowing what will come for her at the audition.
02 "Episode 02 - Leave it to Ann! Poppin' Sweets"
"An ni Omakase! POPPUN SUIITSU" (あんにお任せ!ポップンスイーツ)
April 13, 2013
Naru finds out that she has to make make sweets for the Sweets Corner of her store. On the other hand, Ann is fighting with her father about her work experience claiming that she wants to become a pâtissière.
03 "Cross is Ito? COOL & HOT"
"KUROSU ga Ito? COOL & HOT" (クロスがいと?COOL & HOT)
April 20, 2013
Naru needs one last employee for her store: a makeup artist. One night, she sees Ito wearing makeup, furthermore, she is also the only one in her class who still hasn't found work experience.
04 "Welcome to Prism Stone Easter!"
"PURIZUMU SUTOON IISUTAA e Youkoso!" (プリズムストーン・イースターにようこそ!)
April 27, 2013
Naru decides that she is going to hold an Easter event just like Dear Crown in order to bring in customers. She needs to find a good way to bring them in with little money on hand.
05 "My Song is Filled With Dreams ♡ Of Various Colors"
"Watashi no Uta wa Iro ♡ TORIDORI DORIIMU" (私の歌は色♡トリドリーム)
May 4, 2013
Naru needs her own song, also known as a My Song. She doesn't know how to write one so she decides to ask someone, a boy who sings his own song on the rooftop she passes by everyday.
06 "A Cool Heart Heats Up With the Beat!"
"KUURU na HAATO ga BIITO de HIITO!" (クールなハートがビートでヒート!)
May 11, 2013
Naru and the others are booked for a tour at the school festival of Kakyouin Academy. While that is going on, Ann is determined to find out the mysterious creature eating her sweets that had been stored at night.
07 "Sweet Magic on a Stubborn Old Man"
"GANKO Oyajo ni SUIITO MAJIKKU" (ガンコ親父にスイートマジック)
May 18, 2013
When Naru delivers invitations to everyone's parents to formally meet the owner, Ann's father learns she is making sweets there and now she starts to have trouble getting his permission to work.
08 "A Man's Battle is a Dance Battle"
"Otoko no Shoubu wa DANSU BATORU" (男の勝負はダンスバトル)
May 25, 2013
Wakana accuses Ann for stealing her My Song that she'd been performing with for a long time. Kazuki, the one who gave Ann the song and Hiro, in the defense of Wakana decides to settle the right with a boy's dance battle.
09 "The Prism Live is a Storm After the Rain"
"PURIZUMU RAIBU wa Harenochi Arashi" (プリズムライブは晴れのち嵐)
June 1, 2013
Bell and Wakana are interested as to whether Rinne's four consecutive jumps is real, so they decide to invite all four members of Prism Stone at Edel Rose's concert and discover the truth.
10 "The Mysterious Life Form Appears at Prism Stone!"
"Nazo no Seibutsu PURIZUMU SUTOON ni Arawaru!" (謎の生物 プリズムストーンに現る!)
June 8, 2013
For the sake of Ann's battle with Wakana, Naru and Ito agree to sign up for Dreaming Session where a team of three is required. When Bell tells them that they have no right to join, the three give a second thought about applying.
11 "Go for Dreaming Session!"
"Go for DORIIMINGU SESSHON!" (Go for ドリーミングセッション!)
June 15, 2013
Naru and the others are up against Bell's team in the first round of Dreaming Session. Ito and Otoha are to perform against each other first, but Ito decides to back out on the day of the tournament.
12 "Fly! Feathers of Courage"
"Habatake! Yuuki no FEZAA" (はばたけ!勇気の羽)
June 22, 2013
After learning that Prism Lives aren't legible for scoring, Ann decides to go for three consecutive jumps against Wakana without having the courage to do so.
13 "The Rainbow Bridge That Connects Hearts"
"Kokoro wo Tsunagu Niji no Kakehashi" (心をつなぐ虹のかけ橋)
June 29, 2013
After witnessing Bell's performance, Naru becomes too intimidated to perform against her and thus is unable to see the colors of music.
14 "Rinne's Secret"
"Rinne no Himitsu" (りんねの秘密)
July 6, 2013
This episode is a small recap about the affiliates of Prism Stone. The chairman of Prism Shows, Hijiri Himuro, visits them personally for a request and Chisato Ibara is ready to reveal Rinne's secret.
15 "Otoha's Fairytale Tea Party"
"Otoha no MERUHEN TII PAATII" (おとはのメルヘンティーパーティー)
July 13, 2013
Bell decides its time for Otoha to make her own team and drives her out of Edel Rose. She is taken in by Prism Stone suggesting a tea party for their event, and together they work towards making this next event successful.
16 "Wakana's Happy Freedom! Meow"
"Wakana, Happii FURIIDAMU! Nya" (わかな、はっぴーフリーダム!にゃ)
July 20, 2013
Prism Lives are now all the rage, and to become better Prism Stars, Naru and the others decide to learn from Kazuki. Meanwhile, there is a festival going on and Wakana decides to attend.
17 "Proud & Strong, Bell Blooms"
"Kedakaku Tsuyoku Beru wa Saku" (気高く強くべるは咲く)
July 27, 2013
Bell is offered to perform a Prism Show at Dear Crown which normally features June Amou. As a representative of Edel Rose, Bell starts extending her practice time which results herself in a fever.
18 "I'm Hiro! Absolute IDOL☆I-N-G"
"Ore wa Hiro! Zettai AIDORU☆Ai-N-G" (俺はヒロ!絶対アイドル☆愛・N・G)
August 3, 2013
It is time for Hiro's major debut at Dear Crown, but he does not have a song. Ito decides to take on the job of writing his song in place of Kōji for the payment.
19 "The Thread That Ties Hearts"
"Kokoro wo Musubu Ito" (心を結ぶいと)
August 10, 2013
After Kōji takes on Ito's job at the last minute giving Hiro his song, Ito stops going to Prism Stone. When she returns, she is unable to do the Prism Live and won't listen to anything Kōji says.
20 "Overlapping Hearts, Heartbeat Session"
"Kokoro Kasanete Tokimeki Session!" (心重ねてときめきセッション!)
August 17, 2013
The Heartbeat Days Session has arrived and Naru has no idea what kind of show they should put on. On the other hand, Bell is planning to attempt a four jump chain despite learning three not long ago.
21 "The Second Audition"
"Ni Do Me no OODISHON" (2度目のオーディション)
August 24, 2013
The Try! Groovin' Session has been announced where Prism Stars perform in a group of three. Otoha is determined to learn the Prism Live thinking Bell might let her return as it's finally legible for scoring.
22 "The Promise and the Special Sandwich"
"Yakusoku to SUPESHARU SANDO" (約束とスペシャルサンド)
August 31, 2013
Ann is an ally of justice to the classmates and underclassmen of her school, she is always thinking about her friends. Wakana believes wrong and decides to promise her a practice match then break it as revenge for a forgotten past.
23 "The Prism Wind of Memories"
"Omoide Hakobu Purizumu no Kaze" (思い出運ぶプリズムの風)
September 7, 2013
Ann cannot remember the promise she broke asking Wakana to tell her. Wakana agrees to tell her as it couldn't be helped, and reveals their past surrounding Prism Shows.
24 "The Lonely Queen"
"Hitori Bocchi no Joou" (思い出運ぶプリズムの風)
September 14, 2013
Bell is pressured by her mother to perform the Prism Live at a birthday party where she will present her Prism Show in front of many famous people. Otoha and Wakana doubt that Bell will be able to perform one.
25 "Goodbye, Bell"
"Sayonara, Beru" (さよなら、べる)
September 21, 2013
Bell believes she has no right to be with Otoha and Wakana now that she has learned that she cannot perform Prism Live and disappears. Otoha and Wakana have to get their feelings of love across before she leaves for France.
26 "The Happy Rain Calls a Rainbow"
"Niji wo Yobu HAPPII REIN" (虹を呼ぶハッピーレイン)
September 28, 2013
Ito still refuses to perform with the song Kōji had arranged and may not be able to deal with her feelings it time before her performance.
27 "Peacock Sensei Gets Mad!"
"PIKOKKU Sensei Okoru!" (ピコック先生 怒る!)
October 5, 2013
This is another recap on the staff of Prism Stone. When the store closes after a good days work, the owner falls into a dream where Peacock is angry at her lack of success into spreading the Prism's sparkle.
28 "Prism Talk With Lady June"
"JUNE sama to Issho ni PURIZUMU TOOKU!" (ジュネ様と一緒にプリズムトーク!)
October 12, 2013
Happy Rain's invited to perform on Dear Crown's stage and have a talk show with June. Dear Crown's general manager personally arrives at Prism Stone to welcome them and Ito is hesitant as to whether Kōji will go see her perform.
29 "I'm Bell! I'll Beco~me a Shop Manager♪"
"Watashi wa Beru! Tenchou ni Na~ru♪" (私はべる!店長にな~る♪)
October 19, 2013
Naru, Ito, Ann and Rinne are having a field trip to Hokkaido which Ito is certainly looking forward to. Because they won't be helping out Prism Stone for a while, Bell decides to step in.
30 "Crossroad of The Vows"
"Chikai no Kurosurōdo" (誓いのクロスロード)
October 26, 2013
Naru, Ito and Ann and Rinne finally have some time off for their field trip in Hokkaido. Although they have many places they would want to visit, Naru and Ann asks if they could go with Ito to see her mother.
31 "Aiming to be a Hero! Freedom!!"
"Mezasu wa Yuusha! FURIIDAMU!!" (目指すは勇者!フリーダム!!)
November 2, 2013
When some Edel Rose students take over the Kazuki and his companions' dance area, he and Hiro decide to settle their dance battle once and for all. However, Kazuki has to bet on Kōji's song to win.
32 "The Goddess Who Flies to Love (June)"
"Ai ni Habataku Megami (JUNE)" (愛に羽ばたく女神(ジュネ))
November 9, 2013
The long awaited Heart Beat Session is being held where June perform her Prism Live and five jump chain. Naru, Ann and Ito are trying to figure out which instrument she will be using.
33 "Triangle Date Meow♡"
"TORAIANGURU DEETO Nya♡" (トライアングル・デートにゃ♡)
November 16, 2013
Kazuki is given two tickets to go see the new horror movie of Momogappa and decides to invite Ann. Hearing that she cannot come, he decides to invite Wakana whom he runs across at the theater instead.
34 "If You're Happy Naru, Let's Join Hands!"
"HAPI Naru Nara Te wo Tsunagou!" (ハピなるなら手をつなごう!)
November 23, 2013
Naru is chosen to perform at a charity event at Dear Crown for children alone. She must decide on her own how to make a HAPPY NA~RU Prism Show that the kids will enjoy.
35 "This Ain't No Good With Shuffle Duos!"
"SHAFFURU DUO de DAME da Korya!" (シャッフルデュオでダメだこりゃ!)
November 30, 2013
If Naru and Ann pair up for the White Winter Session, Ito will be left alone and if Ito and Ann pair up, Naru will be left alone. How will the three decide the pairs?
36 "The Two Get Along Awesome at the Sleepover!?"
"Otomari Kai de Futari wa Mecha UMA!?" (お泊り会でふたりはめちゃウマ!?)
December 7, 2013
Naru suggests that the pairs have a sleepover at each others houses. Ann and Wakana are the first pair, but while Ann takes it seriously, Wakana isn't motivated as they won't be competing due to her transfer.
37 "The Sad Lucky Star"
"Kanashimi no RAKKII SUTAA" (哀しみのラッキースター)
December 14, 2013
It's now Ito and Otoha's turn to have a sleepover at each others houses. Otoha insists that Ito invites Kōji to join them at dinner.
38 "Become the Happy Bell on Christmas Eve"
"Seiya ni HAPPII BERU ga Naru" (聖夜にハッピーベルがなる)
December 21, 2013
Naru and Bell are the last duo that is going to have a sleepover. Bell is convinced that her mother doesn't love her and her father is coming to visit for Christmas.
39 "Steamy! Legend of the Rainbow Kappa"
"Yukemuri! Nijiiro Kappa Densetsu" (湯けむり!虹色カッパ伝説)
December 28, 2013
Everyone goes to the Rainbow Hot Springs in order to find a hint on how to return Rinne back into Prism World.
40 "Double Confession? I Love You, Senpai!‏‎"
"Daburu Kokuhaku? Sukidesu Senpai!" (W告白?好きです先輩!)
January 11, 2014
The Winter White Session has started and Wakana plans to confess to Kazuki before the show to ease off her nervousness.
41 "Bonds Connecting the Stars"
"Hoshi ga Tsunagu Kizuna" (星がつなぐ絆)
January 18, 2014
It's now Ito and Otoha's turn to perform. Gen visits Ito and decides to tell her and Kōji exactly what happened during the car accident which killed Kōji's father.
42 "Naru's Pinch! Lovelin's Disappearance"
"Naru Pinchi! Kieta Raburin" (なるピンチ消えたラブリン)
January 25, 2014
After being told "goodbye" from Rinne, Naru starts crying and loses the radiance in her heart, which leads to the disappearance of Lovelin.
43 "The Angel's Determination"
"Tenshi no Ketsui" (天使の決意)
February 1, 2014
When it is Rinne and June's turn to perform, they compete against each other during the show.
44 "The Savior of the Rainbow is You!"
"Niji no Kyuuseisha wa Kimi Ja!"
February 8, 2014
Rinne and June's connection has been discovered, why Rinne lost her memory, and the danger of the Prism's Sparkle.
45 "The Rose Revolution"
"Bara no Kakumei" (バラの革命)
February 15, 2014
After the scandal between Hijiri and June, it has led to the prohibition of Prism Stone at the Over The Rainbow Session. Supervisor Norizuki becomes suspicious of the incident as nearly every competitor are Edel Rose students.
46 "Curtain! Over The Rainbow Session!"
"Kaimaku! Ōbā Za Reinbō Sesshon!" (開幕!オーバーザレインボーセッション!)
February 22, 2014
Now that everyone is able to participate in the Over The Rainbow Session, they are asked to perform the best show within their own limits in order to revive the Prism's Sparkle. This responsibility leaves everyone feeling anxious, especially Otoha who has to perform first.
47 "The Happy Star Shining in Love"
"Ai ni Kagayaku Shiawase no Hoshi" (愛に輝く幸せの星)
March 1, 2014
The performance for Ito is right up, which after this performance, will be heading for Hokkaido and saying goodbye to her friends.
48 "Like Me, Like a Human"
"Watashi Rashiku, Ningen Rashiku" (私らしく, 人間らしく)
March 8, 2014
In order to bring back the Prism's sparkle, the girls will need to surpass June. Everyone is betting their hopes on their next contestants: Wakana and Bell.
49 "Until This Life Burns Out…"
"Inochi Moetsukiru Made..." (命燃えつきるまで...)
March 15, 2014
June's performance is up for the Over The Rainbow Session. Even without Starn, June is determined to win with her power of love.
50 "The Sparkle is Right Next to You"
"Kirameki wa Anata no Soba ni" (煌めきはあなたのそばに)
March 22, 2014
The Prism's sparkle has completely left the world; however Naru refuses to give up and decides to perform at the tournament as planned.
51 "GIFT"
"GIFUTO" (ギフト)
March 29, 2014
Now that one year has passed, it's time for Naru, Ito and Ann to graduate from Prism Stone. The girls are about to see what their new paths will be like.
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