Kanji フェミニ
Rōmaji Femini
Hair Color Yellow
Eye Color Black
Affiliation Pair Friend
Partner Otoha Takanashi
Image Brand Feminine
Anime Debut Episode 15
Japanese Sayuri Hara
Image Gallery

Femini (フェミニ) is Otoha Takanashi's Pair Friend. It can perform Prism Live with Otoha by transforming into a saxophone. Femini can only say it's name. Femini was introduced appeared after Otoha stood up to Bell. Femini can turn into Feminine Charm Stone, which holds the Feminine Dress Set of the Seventh Chord. Femini is the feminine part of Peacock. In Episode 27, when she talks, she ends her sentences with "~femi".


Femini takes on the appearance of a penguin like all the Pair Friends. Also like other Pair Friends, she has pink cheeks, a pink beak, and a white belly with a heart on it. Her skin color is yellow and the heart on her belly is yellow as well. The biggest feature of Femini is her large pink bow.

When Femini evolves before taking the form of a saxophone, it grows yellow hair tied into pigtails and it's pink bow it printed with white polka dots.


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