Futaba Morizono
Kanji 森園 フタバ
Rōmaji Morizono Futaba
Gender Female
Hair Color Green
Occupation Housewife
Relatives Tadashi Morizono (Husband)
Wakana Morizono (Daughter)
Anime Debut Episode 16
Japanese Ayumi Fujimura
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Futaba Morizono (森園 フタバ, Morizono Futaba) is a supporting character in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live and is the mother of Wakana Morizono. She supports her husband a lot and is very soft-spoken. She loves Wakana very much and is sad that they move around so much, causing her to feel bad that Wakana hardly made friends. She is very happy when Wakana spends time with her friends. Like Wakana, Futaba's personality seems to change when her hair is up.

It was revealed in episode 48 that she used to be a delinquent when she was younger, but changed so that way she could be the perfect housewife for Tadashi.

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