Gen Suzuno
Kanji 涼野 弦
Rōmaji Suzuno Gen
Gender Male
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Purple
Affiliation Lucky Star
Occupation Live House Owner
Relatives Tsuru Suzuno (Ex-Wife)
Ito Suzuno (Daughter)
Yū Suzuno (Son)
Instrument Guitar
Anime Debut Episode 3
Japanese Takashi Kondō
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Gen Suzuno (涼野 弦, Suzuno Gen) is the father of Ito Suzuno and a supporting character in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. He used to be once called the most famous guitarist in Japan until he quit after injuring his hand in a car accident.


Gen used to be in the same band of the deceased father of Kouji. Both of them, in the same car, had ended up in a car accident which left his hand injured and Kouji's father passed away. As he was the one driving, he realized he had taken away an important person from a certain family to the disgust of Natsuko Mihama, Kouji's mother. In order to atone for his sin, he gave up guitar and sold it to a music shop, and divorced with his wife Tsuru Suzuno keeping their daughter Ito Suzuno.

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