Heartful Splash
Heartful Splash
Kanji ジュエルスピンクロス
Rōmaji Hātofuru Supurasshu
Performer(s) Wakana Morizono
Ann Fukuhara (Flashback)

Heartful Splash (ハートフルスプラッシュ, Hātofuru Supurasshu) is a Prism Jump in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. It is the first Prism Jump ever succeeded by Wakana Morizono after being inspired by Ann Fukuhara. She re-performed this jump in Episode 23. It's also Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream by Rizumu Amamiya in Episode 2.


Similar to Lovely Splash, the performer jumps in the air and a large pink heart complimented by smaller surrounding hearts appear until the performer lands; however the hearts are all the same color and are all translucent. .


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