Hijiri Himuro
Kanji 氷室 聖
Rōmaji Himuro Hijiri
Birthday July 18
Gender Male
Hair Color Yellow
Eye Color Brown
Affiliation Edel Rose
Prism Show Association (Former)
Occupation Edel Rose's Supervisor
Prism Show Association's Chairman (Former)
Anime Debut Episode 11
Japanese Toshihiko Seki
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Hijiri Himuro (氷室 聖, Himuro Hijiri) was the of the Prism Show Association. He is now the new supervisor of Edel Rose in Jin Norizuki's place. Hijiri is in love with Prism Shows and felt that they were in danger when June Amou stopped performing. It is revealed he was in love with June since the day he first saw her.

He himself was once a top-ranked Prism Star, however a training accident (deliberately orchestrated by Jin Norizuki, who was his rival at the time) forced him to end his career.

Prism JumpsEdit

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