Hiro Hayami
Kanji 速水 ヒロ
Rōmaji Hayami Hiro
Age 15
Birthday October 10
Gender Male
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Affiliation Kakyouin Academy
Occupation Prism Star
Team Hiro x Kōji (Former)
Over The Rainbow
Partner Kōji Mihama (Former)
Relatives Unnamed Mother
Image Brand Lightning
My Song pride
Anime Debut Episode 06
Japanese Tomoaki Maeno
Image Gallery

Hiro Hayami (速水 ヒロ, Hayami Hiro) is a former close friend of Kōji Mihama who aims to be an idol and will do anything. He is popular with girls from other schools and speaks very politely with them, even if he has to lie. Hiro is also backstabber towards Kōji by taking official credit for his songs in order to become famous. However, in Episode 45 Hiro admits that Pride was written by Kōji and becomes friends with him once again.

In Episode 51, he forms a group with Koji and Kazuki called Over the Rainbow. It is also implied in the same episode that Bell rejected him, when he is seen staring at a rose in his hands with a saddened expression, admitting that he is nursing a broken heart when Naru asks. However, he talks with Naru and they seem close to becoming a couple. Later, Hiro reunited with his mother when he returned home and met her at the doorstep, embracing her.

Prism JumpsEdit

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