Lovely Splash
Naru Lovely Splash
Kanji ラブリースプラッシュ
Rōmaji Raburī Supurasshu
Type Lovely
Performer(s) Naru Ayase

Lovely Splash (ラブリースプラッシュ, Raburī Supurasshu) is a Prism Jump in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. It is the second Prism Jump performed by Naru Ayase and was first used in Episode 13. In Episode 34, Naru performs the jump along with Rinne's Star Splash, which they named Lovely and Star Splash (ラブリーアンドスタースプラッシュ, Raburī Ando Sutā Supurasshu). In Episode 42, she performs it alongside Bell's Sexy Splash at the Winter White Session, which they named Lovely and Sexy Splash.


The performer does a simple jump in the air and a sparkling large pink heart as well as a few smaller pink and gold hearts appear for only a short amount of time till the performer lands.


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