Magical Space Planet
Kanji マジカルスペースプラネット
Rōmaji Majikaru Supēsu Puranetto
Performer(s) Ann Fukuhara & Wakana Morizono
 Magical Space Planet (マジカルスペースプラネット, Majikaru Supēsu Puranetto) is a duo jump performed by Ann and Wakana on episode 36.


First, Ann and Wakana are in space. Then, Ann huddled herself and jumps up, blue and pink streaks flew past Ann. Wakana appears to skating on Saturn's rings, then get off from the planet along with the blue and pink streaks. Once Wakana came to the ground, the blue and pink streaks began to swirl around Ann and Wakana. When they end the jump with a pose, it reveals a double heart made from the blue and pink streaks, as well as the outer space background with the planets in it.


Screenshots with upgraded wingsEdit

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