My Fairytale Dream City
Meruhen Dream City
Kanji 私のメルヘンドリームシティ
Rōmaji Watashi no Meruhen Dorīmu Shiti
Type Solo, Duo
Performer(s) Otoha Takanashi & Ito Suzuno

My Fairytale Dream City (私のメルヘンドリームシティ, Watashi no Meruhen Dorīmu Shiti) is a Prism Jump in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. It is the second Prism Jump performed by Otoha Takanashi in Episode 11 and the second jump in Otoha's chained jumps.


The performer bounces on a pitch black ground, and her steps each leave a glow which rises into a tall purple column. She then soars up as tall, multicolored buildings rise, and then flies over a city in the night sky as the black buildings soon change into different colors and leaving a trail of yellow sparkles. Afterwards, the performer does a pose in front of a large, bright moon whilst being surrounded by the city glowing in different colors and lights.


My Fairytale Dream City DuoEdit

My Fairytale Dream City can also be performed as a duo as shown by Otoha and Ito Suzuno during the Winter White Session duo tournament. The only visible difference is that the night sky is dark purple instead of blue and the colors of the city at the end of the jump are more warmer. Ito's addition to the jump brought about this effect.

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