My Fairytale Tea Party
Meruhen Tea Party
Kanji 私のメルヘンティーパーティ
Rōmaji Watashi no Meruhen Tī Pāti
Type Feminine
Performer(s) Otoha Takanashi

My Fairytale Tea Party (私のメルヘンティーパーティ, Watashi no Meruhen Tī Pāti) is a Prism Jump in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. It is Otoha's third Prism Jump first shown in Episode 15.


After Otoha jumps in the air, an assortment of cookies appear and she spins herself into the center where a large teapot appears. Otoha disappears into the golden light released by teapot and large teacups start surrounding it. Otoha then appears out of the giant teacup, performs a flip, and lands herself. As she spins and does a pose, the teapot pours out a stream of sparkling golden tea.


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