Our Romantic Show
Kanji 二人のロマンティックショー
Rōmaji Futari no Romantikku Shō
Performer(s) Ito Suzuno & Otoha Takanashi
Our Romantic Show (二人のロマンティックショー, Futari no Romantikku Shō) is a duo jump performed by  Ito and Otoha on episode 37.


A fence moves out of the way revealing the performer extending her hand out as the second performer opens the window and jumps out. The performer catches the partner as they both spinned around and look at each other dreamily with a blush on their faces with a background of a door with a purple-yellow path. They put their hands together like they're dancing as asked the audience, "Shall we Dance?". They formed two yellow lines to form a heart. They both spin as they went to the ground and spin around each other and pose as yellow and purple flowers appeared around them.


Screenshots with upgraded wingsEdit

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