Pop & Ethnic Splash
Kanji ポップアンドエスニックスプラッシュ
Rōmaji Poppu Ando Esunikku Supurasshu
Type Duo
Performer(s) Ann Fukuhara & Wakana Morizono

Pop & Ethnic Splash(ポップアンドエスニックスプラッシュ, Poppu Ando Esunikku Supurasshu) is a Prism Jump performed by Ann Fukuhara and Wakana Morizono. It is a combination of Pop Splash and Ethnic Splash.


The performers do a simple jump in the air and a larger blue quaver note complimented with smaller different ranges of music notes and a green sparking four-leaf clover appear complimented with smaller four-leaf clovers of different sizes appear in the air until the performers land.

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