Poppin' Candy Rocket
Kanji ポップンキャンディロケット
Rōmaji Poppun Kyandi Roketto
Type Pop
Performer(s) Ann Fukuhara

Poppin' Candy Rocket (ポップンキャンディロケット, Poppun Kyandi Roketto) is a Prism Jump in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. It is Ann Fukuhara's third jump and was first shown in Episode 12.


Ann jumps in the air and her feathers appear. She does a single spin as candy rises around her and then kicks four rockets that leave a trail of colorful smoke as she does a flip. Afterwards, she lands on both feet and light blue shapes appear as she does a pose.

Ann first performs this jump during the Dreaming Session tournament as part of her three jump chain to defeat Wakana; however, she falls on her landing. In the Heartbeat Days Session exhibition, Ann attempts this jump again and was successful. Not long after that, Ann added the jump to her three jump chain and was successful.


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