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Prism Jump
Prism Jump.jpg
Kanji プリズムジャンプ
Rōmaji Purizumu Janpu
Type Type of Appeal
Performer(s) Prism Stars

Prism Jump (プリズムジャンプ, Purizumu Janpu) is the main appeal of a Prism Show in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. The current limit to performing a chained jump is seven, but without Prism Live it's four.


Prism Jumps are appeals in Prism Show that are performed when the user jumps. They were also the only type of appeal that was eligible for voting until Prism Lives came along. There are countless different types of Prism Jumps, some are unique to a performer, and some are performed by many different Prism Stars. In Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live, the kind of Prism Jump that the Prism Star performs doesn't affect their score, but the number of chained jumps does. It is implied that the Prism Stars don't perform their Prism Jumps in the middle of their performance if they attempt to perform a chained jump.

It is also implied that when performing in a duo, it increases the ability of both performers to perform more jumps in a row than they can usually do alone. Ann, Wakana, Ito and Otoha, who were originally able to perform three jumps were able to perform four in a row. Naru and Bell who were originally able to perform four, performed five in a row. Rinne and June who were originally able to perform five, were able to perform six in a row.

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