Prism Live
Naru Prism Live
Kanji プリズムライブ
Rōmaji Purizumu Raibu
Type Type of Appeal
Performer(s) Naru Ayase
Ito Suzuno
Ann Fukuhara
Bell Renjōji
Otoha Takanashi
Wakana Morizono
June Amou

Prism Live (プリズムライブ, Purizumu Raibu) is a type of appeal in Prism Shows that was supposed to be introduced into the Naru's world by Rinne until she came upon an accident.


Naru's world came upon danger because of June Amou and Edel Rose students who continued to reign at the top by keeping to the rules and minimizing their mistakes in order to achieve the highest scores possible. Because of this danger, Rinne decided to introduce Naru's world a new sparkle called the Prism Live. As she was on her way to this world, she got caught in an accident and found herself lost with no memories of her past. Soon, the new sparkle was performed by Naru during her audition for a position as manager at Prism Stone.


A Prism Live is generally the transformation of a Pair Friend into a instrument (instrument varies among different characters) in which the Prism Star uses to perform. When performing, a new stage is created and they each play a certain tune of their own whilst skating around the stage, through the runway, and performing Prism Jumps.

Because this appeal is new, they weren't legible for scoring in the Dreaming Session tournament where it was first introduced to the wider public. After the Heartbeat Days Session exhibition, Hijiri Himuro, the chairman of the Prism Show association, announced it will be finally legible for scoring in an upcoming Try! Groovin' Session trio tournament.

There is also a specific movement for Prism Stars when they perform Prism Live before each Prism Jump. Before performing their first jump they move in circles around the stage, before the second jump they glide down the runway on their knees, before the third jump they skate down the runway and stop midway, and before the fourth jump they race down the rest of the runway till they reach the end. The performers do not perform with their instruments for any more jumps after that, unless the Prism Jump requires their instruments such as Rainbow Arch FantasyShiny Star Fantasia and Swinging Heart Rhythm.


User's Name Instrument Image
Naru Ayase Pink Guitar Prism live naru
Ann Fukuhara Drumsticks Ann Prism Live
Ito Suzuno Keyboard Ito Prism Live
Rinne White Guitar Rinne Prism Live
Otoha Takanashi Saxophone Otoha Prism Live
Wakana Morizono Xylophone Wakana Prism Live
Bell Renjōji Violin Bell Prism Live
June Amou Baton June Prism Live
June Amou White Guitar (Temporary) June Guitar









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