Prism Star
Prism Star
Kanji プリズムスター
Rōmaji Purizumu Sutā
Leader N/A
Located In Naru's World
Prism World
Purpose Entertainment

Prism Stars (プリズムスター, Purizumu Sutā) are individuals who can perform entertainment known as a Prism Show, they must be able to perform a Prism Jump before they can consider themselves one.


Prism Stars are performers of Prism Shows, they must be able to dance, sing and perform Prism Jumps above a high standard. Many Prism Stars, primarily from Edel Rose, try to aim for the top by minimizing their mistakes in order to achieve the highest scores possible. There are also Prism Stars, such as the stars of Prism Stone, who try to differentiate themselves by showing new ways of performing. Their overall ability lies on the number of Prism Jumps they can perform in a row.

List of Prism StarsEdit

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