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Prism Stone
Prism Stone
Kanji プリズムストーン
Rōmaji Purizumu Sutōn
Located In Naru's World
Prism World
Purpose Holds Prism Show Costumes

Prism Stones (プリズムストーン, Purizumu Sutōn) are jewels that holds the costumes used in Prism Shows. One of Naru's hobbies are decorating Prism Stones.


Prism Stones are heart-shaped jewels that hold the costumes used in Prism Shows. To wear the clothes, the owner must go to Prism Space where Meganee Akai can assist them in the change. Prism Stars can also create their own Prism Stone by showing Meganee a design. Their body size is not involved with the process, because the clothes in the Prism Stone is adjusted to the Prism Star's size. An example is Ann who wore a certain dress when she was in elementary school, and then gave it to Wakana who wore it in the present time.

Often they hold the clothes in separate categories which include hair, tops, bottoms, shoes and visual; however there are such Prism Stones that hold a whole outfit in one which are referred to as Charm Stones (チャームストーン, Chāmu Sutōn). There are seven types of Prism Stones to categorize the types of outfit they hold which are lovely, pop, cool, sexy, feminine, ethnic and star.

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