Prism Stone (Shop)
Prism Stone
Prism Stone Logo
Kanji プリズムストーン
Rōmaji Purizumu Sutōn
Location Statistics
Located In Omotesandō
Controlled By Chisato Ibara
Anime Debut Episode 01

(fPrism Stone (プリズムストーン, Purizumu Sutōn) is a fashion brand owned by Chisato Ibara.


Prism Stone is a fashion brand shop that opened during spring season. It's staff members are full-time middle school employees. They consist of Naru who is selected to be the shop's manager, Ann who is selected to become their pastry chef, and Ito who is selected to become their makeup artist. In addition, the shop's most important selling point is their Prism Shows, therefore, all the staff members are able to perform.

After the members perform at the Dreaming Session tournament, where they compete against Edel Rose Team S, Otoha Takanashi is removed from the team due to the fact that she was ready to start her own team and joins Prism Stone. She soon leaves, after realizing she wanted to return to Edel Rose to be with Bell Renjōji and Wakana Morizono for the Try! Groovin' Session tournament. At the tournament, Naru, Ito and Ann become an independent unit called Happy Rain♪ and compete against Edel Rose Team S who officially become a new unit: Bell Rose.

After the Try! Groovin Session tournament, Naru, Ito and Ann have their field trip to Hokkaido. In their place, Bell Rose decides to take over the shop and become temporary staff members of Prism Stone. Bell Renjōji decides that if she happens to get ten times the sales, then she will become the new manager. This goal becomes real, however, because Bell didn't think about making any profit, Naru was allowed to keep her job.

Soon, when Chisato decides to take Prism Stone's stars to the Rainbow Hot Springs, DJ.Coo officially announces that Bell, Otoha and Wakana are Prism Stone's and joined Happy Rain♪ on their trip.


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