Prism Stone Building
Prism Stone
Kanji プリズムストーン
Rōmaji Purizumu Sutōn
Location Statistics
Located In Omotesandō
Controlled By Chisato Ibara
Anime Debut Episode 01

Prism Stone (プリズムストーン, Purizumu Sutōn) is a fashion brand shop located in Omotesandō.


Former Prism Stone Building

The building before construction

It reason for Prism Stone's opening is unknown, however, the store layout was decided by the manager of the store: Naru Ayase. Before opening, the store held an audition for middle school girls to claim the position of the manager. When Naru claims the position, she convinces Ann Fukuhara and Ito Suzuno to manage the Sweets Corner and Makeup Corner respectively. Though not popular immediately after opening, the store started gathering customers after its first Easter event. It has been currently enjoying its great success after customers saw the Prism Live at the Dreaming Session tournament and visits Prism Stone to see it again.


The store is situated in Omotesandō, a place where many fashion brands gather. The building can be seen just across the road from Dear Crown between surrounding buildings.

Exterior DesignEdit

Prism Stone takes the form of a two-floor building with walls made up of mostly windows displaying Prism Stone outfits. Above it displays the shop's name in large letters on a pink wall. Above that displays their logo onto a deep pink wall patterned with black hearts.

Interior DesignEdit

Inside Prism Stone is notably appears much larger than the outside. A large purple pillar with Prism Stone's logo on it surrounded by a large guitar, keyboard and drums can be noticeably seen when entering. There are other pillars in different parts of the store and pink seats. The flooring on the first floor is checkered with pink and white sqaures and the walls vary at different sections of the store in pattern and texture, but all are similarly pink. The shelves against the walls are larger and white displaying outfits whilst the shelves in rows situated in the middle of the store are smaller and black with white surfaces displaying accessories and decorations.

There is also a sweets corner and makeup corner on the first floor. The sweets corner is a cafe with round white tables, each with four deep pink chairs and there a bench on the outside lined with pink chairs where Ann works with a kitchen bench against the wall on the other side of the small space.

The makeup corner is located at the back of the store with white shelves that displays nail polish and other makeup supplies. There are also white square tables with lamps and two chairs on each side where Ito works.

There are dark grey stairs that lead up to a floor where Prism Shows are displayed. There situates a stage with pink and white checkered floors

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