RainBow X RainBow
Ending by Prism☆Box
Artist Prism☆Box
Released April 24, 2013
Format CD
Recorded 2013
Genre J-POP
Length 5:22
Label Avex Trax

RainBow X RainBow is the first ending song of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. It is sung by Prism☆Box, a combined unit of Prizmmy☆ and the Prism☆Mates.

Track ListingEdit

RainBow × RainBow AlbumEdit


  • RainBow × RainBow
  • Boyfriend ♡♡♡
  • RainBow × RainBow (Instrumental)
  • Boyfriend ♡♡♡ (Instrumental)


  • RainBow × RainBow (Music Video)
  • RainBow × RainBow (TV Size Version)
  • RainBow × RainBow (Dance Master Version)
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