Rainbow Arch Fantasy
Rainbow Arch Fantasy
Kanji レインボーアーチファンタジー
Rōmaji Reinbō Āchi Fantajī
Performer(s) Naru Ayase,Bell Renjōji & Rinne

Rainbow Arch Fantasy (レインボーアーチファンタジー, Reinbō Āchi Fantajī) is a Prism Jump in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. It is a duo jump performed by Naru Ayase and Rinne together in Episode 34. Naru later performs it with Bell Renjoji in Episode 42 during the Winter White Session.


The duo fly through the air making rainbow trails with their instruments, forming a heart shape. They cross each other several times, then finish by posing in the center of the heart as it sparkles and changes colors.

Screenshots Naru & RinneEdit

Screenshots Naru & BellEdit

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