Shining Spiral
Kanji シャイニングスパイラル
Rōmaji Shainingu Supairaru
Performer(s) Hijiri Himuro, Hiro Hayami

Shining Spiral (シャイニングスパイラル, Shainingu Supairaru) is a Prism Jump in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. It was performed by Hijiri Himuro in a flashback in Episode 32 and then by Hiro in Episode 45.


The performer glides on a glittering white road with blue, purple and pink hues, then having their arms outstretched. The performer turns around and poses.The background is a night sky with white outlined stars. Hijiri Himuro's version is more like Hye In's Golden Spiral in Dear My Future but it has green stars instead of pink hearts.

Screenshots Edit

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