Shiny Star Fantasia
Rinne and June
Kanji シャイニースターファンタジア
Rōmaji Shainī Sutā Fantajia
Type Duo
Performer(s) Rinne & June Amou

Shiny Star Fantasia (シャイニースターファンタジア, Shainī Sutā Fantajia) is a duo jump by Rinne and June Amou.


Shiny Star Fantasia is a jump where a duo engages in a battle to determine the better Prism Star. This jump assumingly requires the performance of the Prism Live in order for the performers instruments to be used. Rinne and Juné performed this jump to face each other off by using their guitars to shoot a beam of white stars strong enough to blind the whole audience. Furthermore, the loser was supposed to be absorbed into the other performer's body as they both cannot co-exist. The duel, however, resulted in a tie leaving the stage snowing with white stars.


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