Sparkling Future Star
Kanji キラメキ, フューチャースター
Rōmaji Kirameki Fuyūchā Sutā
Type Solo
Performer(s) Rinne

Sparkling Future Star (キラメキフューチャースター Kirameki Fuyūchā Sutā) is a Prism Jump performed by Rinne in Episode 39.


Rinne starts the jump by drawing a star using her hands in the air. She punches through the center of the star by her hand and shatters the it into smaller pieces of itself. The stars sparkle as she jumps a pose.


Trivia Edit

  • This jump is also performed by Mia Ageha in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future, as her signature jump and as a making drama by Mia Hanazono from Idol Time PriPara.
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