Star Splash
Star Splash 02
Kanji スタースプラッシュ
Rōmaji Sutā Supurasshu
Type Star
Performer(s) Rinne
Hiro Hayami
June Amou

Star Splash (スタースプラッシュ, Sutā Supurasshu) is a Prism Jump in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. It is the first Prism Jump performed by Rinne in Episode 1 and was soon performed again by Hiro Hayami in Episode 18. In Episode 34, Rinne performs the jump along with Naru's Lovely Splash, which they named Lovely and Star Splash (ラブリーアンドスタースプラッシュ, Raburī Ando Sutā Supurasshu).


The performer does a simple jump in the air and a sparkling silver star appears complimented by surrounding smaller stars. In Hiro's version of this jump, his stars are purple with gold outlines.


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