Starlight Feather Memory
Kanji スターライトフェザーズメモリー
Rōmaji Sutāraito Fezā Memorī
Type Duo
Performer(s) Naru Ayase & Bell Renjōji

Starlight Feather Memory (スターライトフェザーメモリー, Sutāraito Fezā Memorī) is a duo jump performed by Naru and Bell on episode 38.


As Bell pushes herself backwards towards the left and Naru does towards the right, they create ten beams of red and pink shining lights respectively. When they do that, Naru and Bell sprout heart-shaped feathers that are transparent and are according to their respective theme color. Using their feathers, they fly towards each other and meet where there is a beam of light. Naru and Bell then hold hands and spin as they rise upwards along the beam and then pose. After the jump is performed, red and white feathers remain falling down from above.


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