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Swinging Heart Rhythm
Swinging Heart Rhythm 06.jpg
Kanji スインギンハートリズム
Rōmaji Suingin Hāto Rizumu
Type Pop
Performer(s) Ann Fukuhara

Swinging Heart Rhythm (スインギンハートリズム, Suingin Hāto Rizumu) is a Prism Jump in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live, a Prism Live is necessary to perform this jump. It is the second Prism Jump performed by Ann Fukuhara and is first used in Episode 2. In Episode 40, Ann performs this jump with Wakana during the Winter White Session.


Using the drumsticks when performing Prism Live, the performer (most likely Ann Fukuhara) jumps in the air and its colorful drums that appear circling in a staircase pattern. The performer ends her playing by hitting two larger blue drums with more force. She jumps in the air, flips, and kicks a white bass drum with a blue half-quarter note on it and it bursts out smaller multicolored half-quarter notes and the performer ends her jump with a pose.


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