The Eternal Oath of Valkyrie Heart
Kanji 宣誓 永遠のワルキューレハート
Rōmaji Sensei Eien no Warukyūre Hāto
Type Sexy
Performer(s) Bell Renjōji

The Eternal Oath of Valkyrie Heart (宣誓 永遠のワルキューレハート, Sensei Eien no Warukyūre Hāto) is a Prism Jump in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. It is Bell Renjōji's seventh Prism Jump. Shown in episode 48.

Description[edit | edit source]

Bell saw a mountain and she jumped off the cliff with her mouth holding a rose. She flies through the thorny trees, the scorching flames, the frozen tundra and the stormy seas. When she reached the mountain, she took the rose from her mouth and the rose turns into a flag with her name written on it. As she poses with her flag on the mountain, the snowy mountain grows a lot of roses.

Screenshots[edit | edit source]

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