The Queen's Gate of Judgment
Kanji 審判のクイーンズゲート
Rōmaji Shinpan no Kuīnzu Gēto
Type Sexy
Performer(s) Bell Renjōji
 The Queen's Gate of Judgment (審判のクイーンズゲート, Shinpan no Kuīnzu Gēto) is a Prism Jump in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. It is Bell Renjōji's sixth Prism Jump. Shown in episode 48.

Description Edit

Bell poses with a sword. Then, she throws the sword, and a white star appears. A white unicorn comes out the star, and Bell rides it.She rides the unicorn up a set of stairs, heading to a dark castle. When she enters the castle, it lights up in red light.


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